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Introducing V1 of Ancient Wisdom.

Sol Shamans are the first NFTs to put Ancient Wisdom on any blockchain.

Ancient Wisdom is weaving together a metaphysically minded tribe of spiritual technologists. By releasing Sol Shamans, an impressive collection of 7,777 wizards, witches, and stunning shaman NFTs— we are inspiring our community with spiritual technologies and helping make the world a bit better.  Each Sol Shaman is a unique digital collectible minted as an ERC-721A NFT.  This means low gas fees.

You’ll be learning ancient wisdom from different cultures of the world, including Egyptian mystery schools, Buddhist Tao wisdom, meditation and mindset techniques, Chinese zodiac, Mayan ancient wisdom, Polynesian Huna, metaphysical information, sacred geometry, solfeggio frequencies, Peruvian curandero wisdom, reiki energy work, and much, much more.

Your Sol Shaman NFT doubles your Helping DAO membership and grants access to members-only benefits.

50% of all Ancient Wisdom proceeds will transfer into The Helping DAO, positioning earnings into a DeFi protocol and dispersing offerings to those in a difficult situation.


SOL means SUN in Spanish.

Conjuring a Sol Shaman will cost:

  • 0.11 ETH for one NFT.
  • 0.9 ETH each for three NFTs.
  • 0.0777 ETH each for seven NFTs.

With ERC-721A, the more you mint, the less you pay for gas!

The minting of the Sol Shamans begins on 5/5/22 at 2:05pm EST.

We launched our initial mint pass in February, which allows users to mint first when Shaman minting commences. We said that each mint pass was worth one shaman, but we are overdelivering and giving the owners of these TWO Sol Shaman NFTs.

There will be 177 Shamans held in a sanctuary for; promotional giveaways, the founding team, and the DAO vault. (We will share more about the DAO later!)

NOTE: Sol Shamans were originally set to launch on Solana, but SOL network was congested for weeks after a DDOS and they were recently hacked.

So our spirit technology guides led us to Polygon for the mint pass and for our L2 daily Ancient Wisdom NFTs later this year.  The main Sol Shamans will be on Ethereum as an ERC-721A NFT.


The Next Level DAO powered by $HELP

Shouldn’t the perfect DAO have a crypto asset vault from various projects, including crypto ventures and NFTs? Ancient Wisdom NFT holders could nominate friends or family to obtain assistance in times of struggle.  Four times a year we will open up the DAO for nominations!

We are working on a token based on the value of the “MetaVault” and we reward NFT holders with an NFT staking platform that generates $HELP, a digital asset that provides love and monetary assistance to those enduring challenging times.

That’s what we need your $HELP to create:

The HELPING DAO is all about supporting those in need.

The metaphysically minded tribe of Sol Shamans will determine where the $HELP donations are delivered.

Holding a Shaman, Witch, Wizard, Healer, or Magician will have many more advantages; check out our roadmap for more details, and join the Ancient Wisdom Discord for questions.

Only SOLS [Ancient Wisdom NFT holders] can mint our governance token, $HELP.


Meet Our Fully-Doxxed Team


Travis Wright

Founder & CEO


Gustavo Adolfo

Co-Founder/Creative Director


Alyze Sam

Chief Marketing Officer

Muhammad Hassan

Muhammad Hasan


Salik Khan

Salik Khan

Content Director


Mohsin Ali

Smart Contract Developer

OUR Advisors

Advisory Board

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Oz Sultan

Advisor & Project Inspiration


Russell Korus



Sir Lord Joel Comm

Advisor & Mint Master



Healing Journey

While I lay in a hospital bed — the Crypto Industry that I work in experienced Bitcoin prices going through the roof. NFTs and the BAYC community redefined collectables and the world changed.

With these changes, We saw an opportunity — one to not only help myself — but to help others. An opportunity to leave a legacy; an opportunity to help others, in the same need as myself.

Because after Cancer — you’ll worry what’s next.

The Cryptocurrency market and the rise of NFTs gave us an idea. Joel Comm suggested that we do an NFT series to help me, and Travis suggested we do a set of wizards, since they made  me “The Wizard in the Blockchain Heroes” collection.

We asked the question, if we launched an NFT that could be used to help me, but more importantly help others. Not just once, but continually over time.

What would that look like?  It would be Ancient Wisdom and The Helping DAO.

Mint Pass Sales Have Expired!

Each Sol Shaman is unique and programmatically generated from over 300 possible traits, including shamanic headgear, robes, magic items and more. Some shamans are more magical than others!

These shamans are stored as ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Purchasing a Sol Shaman cost 111 MATIC from Feb 22, 2022 through March 3, 2022.